In the last two decades if one thing that has revolutionized dentistry and the treatment planning it has been the evolution of dental implants with a very high degree of predictability and prognosis. Ever since the breakthrough turning point discovery of titanium and its Osseo-Integration property by prof. Branemark ,if their is one field of medicine that has benefited the most that has been restorative dentistry.

Even as a prosthodontist we need to accept that there are certain anatomic conditions, individual preferences and some systemic conditions for the fully and partially edentulous [distal extensions] where conventional removable prosthesis do not give satisfactory results to patients and also to dentist. These patients have also been coined as dental cripples by us.

Today where conservation is the rule and more and more venners and partial crowns are being advocated against conventional crowns ,conventional fixed partial denture treatment needed more rationalisation with a lot more patients preferring artificial roots for replacement of their teeth to bridges which undermine their healthy natural adjacent teeth.

Our Goal

Our Goal is to see that every participant is able to treat and practice dental implants independently at the end of the programme.

Kick start your implant practice

With implantology becoming an integral part of dental practice, it is becoming a necessity for the general dentist to offer it as the first option of teeth replacement. However since the exposure of the general dentist to basic implantology is limited, School of dental implants is pleased to offer a best dental implant training course, fellowship program in oral implantology & diploma in implant dentistry for beginners. It is specially designed for the fence-sitters wanting to take a plunge into the exciting world of dental implantology and advanced surgical implant dentistry.

Why this Course?

  1. Unique: one of its kind in INDIA.
  2. 6 international renowned speakers in the field of implantology.
  3. The only unbiased science based implant programme.
  4. Hands-on on 6 implant systems.
  5. Each participant will place 10 implants in patients.
  6. Continued mentoring even after the course.
  7. Live advanced surgeries like sinus lifts, GBR, immediate placement and loading, intraoral welding and many more.
  8. Limited participants and one on one mentoring.