Academic Programs

Conducted by an Eminent Group of Clinicians

The course will be conducted by an eminent group of clinicians who will share their knowledge and experience in the most unbiased format. The course will not be devoted on a particular system, but will focus on the science of implantology.

Module 1

  1. Introduction – rationale of implants
  2. Myths about implants
  3. Rationale/evolution/classification of implants
  4. Bone anatomy and physiology – bone classification (bone density & Volume)
  5. Radiographic evaluation/Virtual Implant Planning (How to read CBCT)
  6. Practical exercises – pre clinical preparation of simple radiographic & surgical stent
  7. History taking and examination & treatment planning
  8. Implant components
  9. Radiographic diagnosis
  10. Basics of surgical technique and armamentarium
  11. Practical demonstration of various suturing techniques used in implantlogy
  12. Pre prosthetic evaluation
  13. Demo and placement of various implants on dummies
  14. Implant designs and surface treatment
  15. Live implant surgery demonstration

Module II-Sunday(Surgical Phase)

        1. Case discussion of all the participants
        2. Treatment planning using models radiographs and scan
        3. Prosthetic & esthetic guidelines for planning
        4. Determination of length, diameter, type of implant for that for your cases
        5. One-on- one mentoring for every implant case
        6. Pre surgical preparation/ anesthesia
        7. Sterilization/asepsis/instrumentation

Module III

  1. The second stage surgery
  2. Tissue Modeling
  3. Implant prosthetics
  4. Impression making in implantology


    Soft tissue masks & model making

    Impression technique

    Bite registration

  1. Prosthetic options in implantology
  2. Prosthetic components
  3. Abutment selection
  4. Abutment cementation
  5. Cement retained V/S screw retained
  6. Biologic width
  7. Impalnt over dentures
  8. Impalnt occlusion
  9. Progressive loading Esthetics: peri –implant soft tissue in the esthetic zone

Module IV-advanced implant dentistry

  1. Direct and indirect sinus augmentation live demonstration
  2. Guided bone regeneration hands on models and live surgery*
  3. Implant supported over dentures implant in esthetics zone
  4. Practice management and marketing of dental management of failures and complications
  5. Bone grafts-bone augmentation Sinus lift procedures techniques, Live surgery-direct sinus lift


Hard and soft TISSUE Manipulation Hands on

  1. Rich split/Ridge expansion live surgery*
  2. Block graft for vertical and horizontal augmentation
  3. In advance surgical module participants will be able to do hands on pig/sheep jaws and may assist any of the advanced live surgeries based on availability
  4. Three to four major advanced live surgeries will be demonstrated with two way audio video