Editorial (Volume 2 - Oct 2010)
SDI Fellowship Benefits
SDI Fellowship Benefits

1. Fellowship of School of Dental Implants
2. Free access to use of Implant smart Software for guided Implant surgeries.
3. Access & availability of mentors for any future surgical & prosthetic guidance.
4. Access to School of Dental Implants library.
5. Access to surgical kits of 10 different implant systems.
6. Can directly work with the attached state - of - the - art implant prosthetic laboratory during prosthetic phase.

7. Mentor guidance during their first clinical cases.
8. Implant marketing & practice management classes
9. Educational material & DVD’s worth 15,000/-
10. Free International Membership to ICOI (250$)
11. You will be alphabetized on our website as well as ICOI Website.
12. Bi-monthly subscription to our peer reviewed journal.
13. Quarterly subscription to ICOI World News, Implant Dentistry Journal.
14. ICOI membership listing and link to your practice at
15. Special member discounts to ICOI’s solely sponsored meetings
16. Two (2) certificates of membership - ICOI and IPS (Implant Prosthetic Section)
17. Concessional rates to all ICOI conferences
18. Free Subscription of electronic and a printed copy of Implant news letter “The Times of OsseoIntegration” showing all the latest developments at SDI and Implantology all around the world.
19. The Alumni members meet periodically at Taj Deccan, Banjara Hills to discuss various implant related topics.
20. Periodic mailings with meeting information, Information Updates and new issues of patient education booklets & Posters.
21. You can send your patient cases and we publish them in our journal and later we ‘ll send it to National & International Journals whom we are tied up with, depending on the article content.


1.Dr. Dilip Deshpande, Prosthodontist, Bombay
2.Dr. Gunaseelan, Oral Surgeon, Chennai
3.Dr. T.V. Narayan, Oral Pathology, Bangalore
4. Dr.Jeevan Kumar, Oral Surgery, Hyderabad
5. Dr. Padmarayulu, Oral Surgery, Hyderabad
6. Dr. Biju Thomas, Oral surgery, Cochin
7. Dr. Vinayaka Gowda, Periodontist, Bangalore


1. Dr. Vikas Gowd, Prosthodontist, Hyderabad
2. Dr. Venkat, Prosthodontist, Hyderabad
3. Dr. Shankar, Prosthodontist, Hyderabad

PACKAGE - I SDI Quick Start Programme
Course Fee Rs. 40,000
Duration 4 Days 8 A.M. to 5 P.M.
Inclusions One Implant, One abutment, One Prosthetic Solution till restoration, One Live Demo
PACKAGE - II SDI Prosthetic Implant Programme
Course Fee Rs. 15,000
Duration 1 Module - 3 days
Inclusions Exclusively on Prosthetics of Implantology
PACKAGE - III SDI Membership Programme
Course Fee Rs. 1,00,000
Duration 4 Modules 3 days each
Module - 1 : Basics
Module - 2 : Surgical Implantalogy
Module - 3 : Prosthetic Implantalogy
Module - 4 : Advanced mplantalogy
Inclusions Five Implants, Five abutments, Five Prosthetic Solutions till restoration. SDI Membership, ICOI Membership
PACKAGE - IV SDI Fellowship Program
Course Fee Rs. 1,80,000
Duration 4 Modules 3 days each
Module - 1 : Basics
Module - 2 : Surgical Implantalogy
Module - 3 : Prosthetic Implantalogy
Module - 4 : Advanced Implantalogy
Inclusions One Surgical Kit, Ten Implants, Ten abutments, Ten Prosthetic Solutions till restoration, SDI Fellowship, Eligibility for ICOI Fellowship.

For more details and querries Contact:

Dr. Vikas Gowd : 093462 39666
Dr. Venkat :   099635 11139