Advanced Implantology

Advanced Implantology workshop on sinus lift, guided bone regeneration (GBR), Ridge split or ridge expansion and block graft

Integrate "16:

4 Days Sinus Lift, Guided bone regeneration (GBR), Ridge split block graft workshop on implantology.

To provide an overview to the various techniques used in Sinus Lift , GBR, Ridge Split andblock Graft procedures.

Provide insights into using and analysing investigative tools, to obtaining diagnostic data and how to assess and interpret such information to arrive at sound treatment planing.

Intiate evidence based disucssion into the surgical options in current and contemporary implantology.

Equip the participant with basic knowledge of case selection leading to surgical implantology including preparatory requirements, surgical anatomy and basic techniques.

Introductory directives to bone surgery and regenerative techniques using graft materials and L-PRF.

Each participant is mentored to:

a) Understand the anatomy and surgical techniques, scope and limitations including handling and using biomaterials.

b) Make informed decisions regarding surgical options available including Drills , Piezosurgical and Lasers and make comparisions.

c)Know the basics of Regenerative Biomaterials and Grafts.

d) Perform basic surgical techniques guides through practical hands on using artificial sbstrates such as Goat head and Pig jaw.

Advanced Surgical & Prosthetic implantology

Day - 1
Day - 2
Day - 3
Day - 4
Day - 1


MENTORS: Dr.Nikhil Deshpande, Dr.Vikas Gowd, Dr.Venkat Ratna Nag

Prosthetic challenges and solutions implant biomechanics:

  • Implant biomehanics
  • Implant CAD-CAM prosthesis
  • Screw retianed Vs Cement retained prosthesis
  • Impression making and Prosthetic components
  • Prosthetic options and esthetic considerations
  • Implant occlusion
  • Titled implants and Prosthetic management



  • Ridge split procedures
  • Block graft technique
  • Hands on pig jaws
  • Prosthetic certification ceremony

Felicitation Ceremony

Day - 2

Advanced live surgical demonstration with two way audio video.
Case1- block graft

  • Predictable bone growth and understanding
  • Indications
  • Safe sites to harvest
  • Preparation of recipient site
  • Preparation of donor site
  • Adjunct Proceures
  • Fixation screws
  • Armamentarium
  • Challenges and management

Case-2 Ridge split procedures

  • Indications
  • Instruments and armamentarum
  • Techniques for bone manipulation
  • use of piezosurgery and its various tips in ultrasonic bone surgery

Hands - on on the use of piezosurgery unit on egg shells soft tissue manipulation techniques.

Day - 3

Lectures on

  • Guided bone regeneration (GBR)
  • Sinus Grafting
  • Sinus lift procedures and various techniques
  • Case selection, Diagnosis, Surgical Anatomy & Basic techniques.
  • Assessment and treatment plan for such cases.
  • Bone surgery & Regenerative technique. Use of graft material and L-PRF
  • Hands on workshop models and pig jasws

Followed by Banquet

Day - 4

Live surgery Bilateral Sinus grafting using various techniques & ideal Biomaterials in the Sinus.