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Course Duration :

The original course is for a duration of 6 months which is divided into 4 module

  • Module 1 will commence on June 14TH 2013  on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday at TAJ BANJARA
  • Module 2 will be after  a month from then which will be the Surgical Phase
  • Module 3 will be after 6-8 weeks and it will deal with the Prosthetic Phase
  • Module 4 will be after  3-4 weeks from then will be the Advanced Surgical Phase

Food & Accommodation:

Participants flying into Hyderabad from elsewhere will have to arrange their own transport and accommodation to the venue.

Breakfast , Lunch , tea and Snacks will be served for three days of the module.

Short Course :

For all those of you who find it difficult to travel overseas our short course is available for over a period a 3 weeks , which will be more like a residency with Dr. Vikas /Dr.Venkat and other course instructors. The theory and practical classes will take place simultaneously and learning will be through discussions and assistance. You will place ten implants and complete the prosthetic rehabilitation , however it will not be the same case but of another patient. For advanced surgical procedures theory will be discussed and depending on case availability live demonstration will take place.



Course Fee : $ 6000

Duration : 4 modules each for 3days

Module – 1 Basics In Implantology

Moldule - 2 Surgical Implantology

Module - 3 Prosthetic Implantology

Module - 4 Advanced Implantology

Inclusions : Fellowship with the ICOI , ten implants , tenprosthetic solution till restoration , one surgical kit

For further queries feel free to ask...

Thanks and regards,
Dr. Asra (Co-ordinator )
Dr. Vikas (Director ) 9346239666

Download of fellowship and membership :

Implant Programme...

We offers a comprehensive variety of basic and advanced programs, conducted by highly trained and experienced clinicians.. We can provide surgical, prosthetic and laboratory training for both domestic and international clinical specialists and laboratory technicians. We welcome groups or individuals to attend our Official Courses or Specially Suggested Programs
Module One

• Patient assessment and treatment planning
• Anatomy and basic surgical concepts
• Implant design and osseointegration
• Flap design and suturing techniques
• Cross infection control and sterilization
• Diagnostic wax-up, surgical guides and provisional fabrication
• Hands-on implant placement on dummy mandibles and suturing techniques on goat tongues
• CT based treatment planning with Simplant on computers

Module Two

• Open tray and closed tray impression techniques
• Considering provisionalisation during treatment
• Overdentures with attachments
• Single tooth replacement & multiple teeth replacement
• Temporisation and acrylic provisionals
• Assessing aesthetics, phonetics, vertical dimension and indexing
• Allotment of surgical cases

Module Three

• Advanced surgical procedures
• Surgical and prosthodontic phase of multiple teeth replacement
• Screw verses cement-retained prosthesis
• Re-evaluation of surgical cases

Module Four

• Soft tissue management and treatment in the aesthetic zone
• Basic bone grafting and guided bone regeneration
• Laboratory procedures and complications
• Aesthetic zone and introduction into more complex rehabilitations
• Hands-on sinus lift, nerve repositioning, onlay grafting and membrane positioning on cadaveric goat heads
• Peizo Surgery Technique for bone splitting and sinus augmentation

Module Five

• Anterior aesthetics continued
• Immediate and early loading : pros and cons
• Temporary prosthesis
• Fixed and removable full arch prosthesis
• Management of failures
• Introduction of implantology into general practice
• Research methodology and documentation
Participants will be given 5 implants each.
Patients for the course will be provided by the course organisers.

-Prof. Dr. Vikas Gowd
M.D.S., FICO oral and maxillofacial prosthodontist and implantologist